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Welcome to Little Malvern and Welland Parish Council's new website. On this website you will find all the current activities of the Parish Council, agendas and minutes of meetings, dates and times of meetings (all residents are welcome to attend and contribute), updates on what's going on in Little Malvern and Welland and links to other village websites such as St. James Parish Church.


Pursers Orchard

At our consultation sessions last year there was terrific support for the plan to secure Purser's Orchard as a Community Open Space and the list of eager volunteers grows by the day. The area for purchase has been marked out and the team have put together a long-term management plan that will deliver a rich and inclusive space; a real community asset for future generations.

Our claim for a £200,000 S106 grant has gone to the District Council and we are hoping for a positive decision soon. That money, if we get it, just allows us to buy and fence the land and create a new access; after that the real work begins and those volunteers can start sharpening their secateurs and looking out the apple pie recipes.

You can check out the vision for the orchard, study themanagement plan here and sign up for membership of the Orchard Group by emailing Mick Davies at mickdavies2015@gmail.com

Adult fitness space

Here is the draft specification for outdoor gym equipment for older people. Outdoor fitness space information.pdf

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Parish Council Events

Little Malvern & Welland Parish Council presents at St James's Church Welland:

Saturday 3 November 2018 7.00pm

Back by popular demand! Tredegar Orpheus Male Voice Choir

Tickets available from:

Welland Stores, and Hanley Swan Stores

£10.Concert Only

£15.00 Includes Fish and chip supper afterwards in Welland Parish Hall with the choir!


Next Parish Council meeting Monday 17th September 7.30pm

Everyone is welcome at Parish Council meetings and encouraged to participate. 

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