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Welcome to Little Malvern and Welland Parish Council's new website. On this website you will find all the current activities of the Parish Council, agendas and minutes of meetings, dates and times of meetings (all residents are welcome to attend and contribute), updates on what's going on in Little Malvern and Welland and links to other village websites such as St. James Parish Church.

Consultations on The Pheasant and Pursers Orchard

Drop-in consultation sessions are being held at the village coffee shops during the following times:

TUESDAY 8 August 9-12.30pm

WEDNESDAY 16 Augsut 2-5.30pm

SATURDAY 26 Augsut 9.-12.30pm

The objectives of these sessions are:

  • To answer questions that residents may have on these two very different projects
  • To share and discuss the project visions that have been created by the two working groups
  • To keep you up to date with developments
  • To tap into ideas from you about what you would like to see happen and ideas about how we might maximise the benefits of these projects.
  • To find out what skills, knowledge, time, resources you might bring to the project, or any other way in which you might be willing to help.
  • To get a feeling for the overall comitment from the village for these projects.

Refreshments will be proved c/o the village store and the parish council

Adult fitness space

Here is the draft specification for outdoor gym equipment for older people. Outdoor fitness space information.pdf

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A Bike Pump Track?

At the May Meeting a group of lads presented to the Council a request for a Pump Track and at our request they came back in June to explain to Councillors just what a pump track was.

A pump track provides bumps and jumps and turns for atb and bmx riders to exercise their skills and the suggestion was to use some of the rough land around Spitalfields. The boys had done their research and they also volunteered to do some of the digging and earthmoving to help build and maintain the track.

There have been some strong objections from neighbours, so the Parish Council, as advised by the District Council, are working on a proper public consultation to decide if this scheme is practical on land that it owns.

The format of the consultaion will be discussed at the August Parish Council meeting.

Our open forum

You are welcome to start discussions and to comment in the new Discussion Forum. All you have to do is register a user name and your email address and you can join in discussions about current Parish topics.

What’s new in Welland

Next Parish Council meeting Monday 21st August 7.30pm

Everyone is welcome at Parish Council meetings and encouraged to participate. 

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