Welland Outdoor Fitness Space

One supplier's viualisation of their equipment in use

One supplier's viualisation of their equipment in use

The Parish Council proposes to install an outdoor fitness space for adults on Spitalfields.

The project will include new fitness equipment installed on special surfaces, table tennis tables and a 300 metre running and fitness track all designed for durability and low maintenance.

In the attached document are some illustrations, taken from the suppliers' information, of what the project may look like. Designs and layouts all differ in detail but the same principles apply.

Four companies have quoted for the supply and installation of equipment and a decision on supplier and final specification will be made in September.

Let us have your comments, suggestions and recommendations. Come to a Drop In session for a chat, Post on the Forum or email David Sharp

Outdoor fitness space information.pdf

New defibrillator outside Welland School

Defibrillator outside Welland Primary School

Defibrillator outside Welland Primary School

It's a sad fact that there are over 30,000 cardiac arrests in the community every year and less than one in ten people will survive. Over 80% of these cardiac arrests happen in peoples homes. Many more lives could be saved if people could recognise a heart attack, undertake basic cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and use a defibrillator.

To help try and improve the survival rate from a cardiac arrest locally, Welland Parish Council has recently installed a defibrillator outside Welland Primary School.

The Parish Council would now like to raise the awareness of how to recognise a heart attack and offer residents a free, hands-on training session with real defibrillators.

What is a heart attack?

A heart attack occurs when your heart muscle is starved of oxygen. The symptoms of a heart attack will vary from one person to another. The most common signs are:

• Chest pain: tightness, heaviness, pain or a burning feeling in your chest

• Pain in arms, neck, jaw, back or stomach. For some people this pain or tightness is severe, while other people just feel uncomfortable

• Pale colour

• Sweating

• Feeling light-headed

• Becoming short of breath

• Feeling nauseous or vomiting

Pheasant goes to planning

The latest Pheasant planning application comes to the planning committee this Wednesday evening (14th) and I can't stress how important this is to everyone. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the future of The Pheasant and now is the time to express it! For nearly seven years we have all lived with this eyesore right in the centre of our village and we now acknowledge that if it's to have any future, there has to be some development so let me have your thoughts and/or come along to the meeting on Wednesday night. 01684 310522.

You can find the planning officer's report and all the details at . Search for 16/01203/OUT

New Play Equipment

Image showing children playing on Kompan Basket Swing

This month we applied for funds to provide a complete, new set of play equipment on the playing fields next to the school. The money will come from developer contributions associated with the first Bovis housing on Drake Street and it is likely to take three months to get approval. We are hoping to get the work done before Spring next year.

We have had a terrific response to consultations on the scheme with lots of support and lots of ideas for improvement and additions. This sort of input, particularly the positive sort, really helps in deciding what to do and making the case for funding. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Our plan will see £68,000 spent on fencing, swings, zip wire, climbing and creative equipment aimed at ages 2 – 12 years. And to minimise maintenance costs we'll have a lot of colourful, safety surfaces that should be good for many years.

To see the complete application and the supporting evidence go to this link

Keep checking the website for more ideas on open space and recreation schemes for older residents in future months and if you have any good ideas about new facilities and schemes do comment on the forum

Traffic calming on Gloucester Road - Have your say!

Mick Davies has just posted the following forum topic about the speeding traffic on Gloucester Road. Please comment by following this link to the forum.

The B4208 across the common is an unrestricted road - meaning the speed limit is 60mph - and we have all observed drivers recklessly exceeding the limit, recklessly overtaking and recklessly speeding on through the 30mph limit into the village.

The County Council will not reduce the speed limit because the road doesn't meet their criteria for doing so and the Safer Roads Partnership and the Police are anyway unlikely to enforce the limit across the common, whatever it is.

It seems that deaths and injuries are required before anything can happen. That's deaths of people of course; livestock doesn't seem to count.

What do you think should be done to calm the traffic across the common and through the village?

Fete & Dog Show is a great success

Harriet BVladwin at the Welland Village Fete

Harriet Baldwin MP with Mary Purser at the Welland Village Fete

The annual Welland Fete show survived early rain showers and was a great success raising nearly £1700. To see some pictures and the net receipts click here. Despite a few heavy cloudbursts, plenty of people came. Raffle tickets sold briskly, the gundog display attracted the crowds and the dog show had so many wonderful entries that the fete ran on longer than usual. Jo and the committee once again arranged a wonderful event and the rain certainly didn't put off the large number of residents and visitors who came along and had  a great time. Even our local MP was able to come along and Harriet Baldwin mingled with the crowds and toured the stalls.


Mary Purser's Wing Walk

Mary Purser who is going to wing walk for ChildLine

Parish Councillor and Churchwarden Mary Purser is going to wing walk at 135mph for ChildLine on Saturday10th September. It was to be on Sunday 17th July but unfortunately Mary has broken her wrist and it's had to be postponed until she has recovered. Not only will this be her first wing walk but she has never even flown before so it will be her first time on a plane! She is doing it for ChildLine as it is the safety net for abused children and she hopes that evryone will donate generously. She says "Please cough up your cash to make sure I don't change my mind. The doc's given me the all clear so I am ready to fly!!!"

Please give generously through JustGiving at

Land north of Drake Street, to the rear of Myrtle Cottage, Welland Appeal

The appeal to build 41 dwellings on land north of Drake Street opposite the Lawn Farm development has been refused largely as a result of the adoption of the South Worcestershire Development Plan.

To quote the inspector:

"...the northern side where the site lies is much more rural and open. The loose scatter of individual houses on this side of the road stops well short of the site and gives way to open fields. The site itself is an undeveloped field with a rural character surrounded with old hedges and trees, fields and woodland. It is an attractive piece of countryside in its own right and affords views of the green hills and woods to the north and east. In this context, even allowing for the developments on the southern side of the road, the scheme would appear as an incongruous piece of housing a long way to the east of the main part of the village, sited in the open countryside. Notwithstanding the conclusions of theAppeal Ref: APP/J1860/W/16/31449432 submitted landscape impact assessment and the location of the site outside theAONB, the proposal would represent a harmful intrusion of built development into the landscape. Moreover, seen in conjunction with the other developments currently under way, it would create the appearance of an uncoordinated agglomeration of large scale development along Drake Street. The scheme would thus harm the character and appearance of the locality."

The full text of the inspector's report can be read here. Appeal Decision - 3144943 .pdf

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