Land north of Drake Street, to the rear of Myrtle Cottage, Welland Appeal

The appeal to build 41 dwellings on land north of Drake Street opposite the Lawn Farm development has been refused largely as a result of the adoption of the South Worcestershire Development Plan.

To quote the inspector:

"...the northern side where the site lies is much more rural and open. The loose scatter of individual houses on this side of the road stops well short of the site and gives way to open fields. The site itself is an undeveloped field with a rural character surrounded with old hedges and trees, fields and woodland. It is an attractive piece of countryside in its own right and affords views of the green hills and woods to the north and east. In this context, even allowing for the developments on the southern side of the road, the scheme would appear as an incongruous piece of housing a long way to the east of the main part of the village, sited in the open countryside. Notwithstanding the conclusions of theAppeal Ref: APP/J1860/W/16/31449432 submitted landscape impact assessment and the location of the site outside theAONB, the proposal would represent a harmful intrusion of built development into the landscape. Moreover, seen in conjunction with the other developments currently under way, it would create the appearance of an uncoordinated agglomeration of large scale development along Drake Street. The scheme would thus harm the character and appearance of the locality."

The full text of the inspector's report can be read here. Appeal Decision - 3144943 .pdf